The Erotics are electrifying the world of rock-n-roll with a fistful of snarl and a full dose of snotty attitude and sneers. Lead by founding member Mike Trash, The Erotics, Trash (Lead Guitar, Vox), Johnny Riott (Drums/Percussion), and Billy Bear (Bass Guitar) deliver unapologetically raw rock-n-roll with unabashed reality, infectious hooks, and a sly knack for sarcasm. From the punk rock beginnings of their debut release in 1996 and through the years and seven records in culminating with this year's newest record Boulevard Of Choking Screams, the 8th for the band, The Erotics have cultivated a sound harking back to the days when rock-n-roll was real, dirty, and unwashed. But with an ear for catchy refrains, sleazy riffs, driving rhythms, and more low-slung guitar swagger then a surly James Dean, The Erotics have set themselves apart by not only capturing the essence of rock-n-roll rebellion, but also by infusing it with a new, refreshing sound that could very well be what saves it.

As one of the best kept (not-so) secrets in rock, The Erotics are riding the wave of the new rock-n-roll resurgence and are leading the charge, poised to expose themselves and sleazy, kick-ass rock-n-roll to the entire world.

The Erotics are:
Mike Trash - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Billy Beer - Bass Guitar / B Vox
Johnny Riott - Drums Percussion


Alice Cooper Before He Found Religion!!!!

-- Dirty, sleazy rock 'n' roll. Makes me wanna go out, get wasted and wake up in the morning with a banging head, wondering who the fuck that is in my bed!

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